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Written by: Daniel Tostenson
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Take a ride through the milky way stairs and find yourself in a magical “land down yonder though we’re not sure where…” Odee Dickens, Fhiligus Fromley and Willard E. will introduce you to the unique and delightful Qwiznibetans who are waiting to meet you. They will captivate the imagination, warm your heart and draw you into a wonderful world, unlike anything you have ever dreamed of! VIDEO BOOK TRAILER
Published: 2014 by QSJ Enterprises Book



Chapter Books 


“Future Dream” Story Synopsis 
Written by: Daniel Tostenson

Age Range: 6-11  |  Words 12,750

Excerpt: “Notice the headline,” said Tibbets in his usual dry tone,
Our dear professor’s discretion he did certainly disown…”     
“And he clearly did not hesitate or allow any time to lag
Before he seems to have straightway let ‘the cat out of the bag!’ ” 
Odee picked up the morning paper and with his spectacles he read 
The bold headlined report…and here is what it said:  


Picture Books

Cookie Dunking in Milk Day”
Written by: Daniel Tostenson
Mayor Fhiligus Fromley Declares a New Holiday.
It was a special day for Qwiznibet Square,
The proclamation came from the Mayor’s chair.
“Cookie Dunking in Milk Day” was the official decree…
A day to welcome new Qwiznibetans, whomever they may be.

“Maguffy and THE DUCK”
Written by: Daniel Tostenson
It was time once again going forward and hence,
The season for hunting was about to commence.
And for Chester Maguffy, he was long overdue.
For what, you may say? Well, here’s his story for you:
Maguffy’s ancestors were all great moose who could hunt.
It was his heritage and calling, but may I be blunt?
A successful hunter Chester was not.
Though from his hunting excursions much humor was wrought!
For as hard as he tried, Chester had just awful luck,
And he could never get the best of his elusive nemesis, THE DUCK!
“Did You Ever Hear About Flibber T. Gibbett?”
Written by: Daniel Tostenson
“Did you ever hear about Flibber T. Gibbett
Who came around one day to Qwiznibet?
He’d talk and he’d talk but the people would say
He talked about absolutely nothing all day!”
 “When Abrielle Came to Town”
Written by: Daniel Tostenson
“It was an ordinary day no different than another,
The people remembered it to be just like any other.
And off in the distance a familiar whistle blew,
The 5:30 train was soon to arrive, that was ordinary too.
But what no one could have known, on board that day
Was an extraordinary French Friesian, Abrielle Dunay!”
“Mr. Tibbets’ Personal Biographical Tale”
Written by: Daniel Tostenson
“It was the talk of the town down at the ‘Tortoise
Shell,’ as the patrons were sipping their coffee and tea.
‘Did you hear the news?’ one said to another, ‘oh dear…oh my… oh me!’
New young ones had hatched just the other day down at the maternity,
But it was one of the last to break out of its shell that so upset this fraternity.
‘Is he even a tortoise?’ one observer would say, for the obvious was easy to tell.
What was clear that day to everyone’s dismay was the complete absence of a tortoise shell!”
Odee Dickens: Where the Magic Came From!”
Written by: Daniel Tostenson
“When one speaks of Odee Dickens the story must be told
Of where the magic came from, how did it all unfold?
 It all began some years ago, when Odee was still quite young.
‘Twas a Christmas Eve his life thus changed, after the midnight bell had rung.
Odee, retiring for the night, prepared for his repose
When he heard a sudden knocking, who it was he couldn’t suppose….”
 Hornsby, Henrietta & Gurkin Sloppy Joes!
Written by: Daniel Tostenson
(A Qwiznibet ‘true love’ Story)
Hornsby Holstein was an ambitious lad who set out to pursue his dream
Of becoming the Qwiznibet milkman and serving up homemade ice cream. 
And as business grew his good reputation did too; life was complete or so he thought.
Until the day fate would have its way, and in Hornsby’s heart love was wrought. 
Hornsby tells the story of when he and Henrietta first met,
That it was love at first sight the day his heart took flight; a feeling he would soon not forget! 
But they might never have found one another, as this true love story goes,
If it weren’t for Henrietta’s delicious **Gurkin Sloppy Joes!…