Daniel and Jeanette Tostenson: 

Creators of Qwiznibet Brand


Daniel and his wife Jeanette have created 17 classic style cartoon characters along with the European style village called Qwiznibet.  These characters provide the basis for the entire Qwiznibet brand which extends to a variety of food products. Henrietta’s Specialty foods are available at Hy-Vee stores in multiple states.  



*FUN FACT:  From the beginning of their marriage, Daniel & Jeanette say “there were signs they were destined to pursue the Qwiznibet world of whimsy and rhyme because they would always get into contests trying to out rhyme the other in their conversations!” The contest is still ongoing… Who will win? Only time will tell.

*FUN FACT: Daniel wrote the infamous “Qwiznibet” poem, which became the inspiration for his first book “Introducing Odee Dickens and Qwiznibet Square Junction,” as he was sitting at Carl’s Jr. in Castaic, California while enjoying a cup of coffee and a chocolate chip cookie.